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Five Essential Behaviors to Becoming a Great Leader

Leadership is not simple, and many people struggle to find their footing when they take on a leadership role for the first time. If you're trying to develop into the best leader that you can be, then there are certain behaviors that you should focus on. Take a look at these five essential behaviors to becoming a great leader.

Building Trust

Always keep your word so that employees will be able to trust you. If you go back on your word, it will be hard to regain that trust that you once had with your team. Don't promise things that you won't be able to deliver on, and be sure to speak with others honestly. This can help you to avoid problems that will hurt the integrity of your leadership. As a leader, this should come naturally to you. Of course, you want to instill trust in your employees. It’s also important to remember to remain transparent with your employees. Make sure that they know what is expected of them.

Make Fair Decisions

Try to make decisions that are fair so that you can be seen as a reasonable leader. Remember that your leadership decisions will be scrutinized and that your choices will impact other people's lives. Striving to be fair will help to inform your choices. Think about the decisions that you're making before concluding.

Don't Pass Judgment on Others

The best leaders should always avoid passing judgment on others. Understand that sometimes people will struggle, and you shouldn't write others off quickly. Be a positive force in people's lives and try to avoid making snap judgments.

Give Employees Credit

Employees deserve to get credit when they perform specific tasks. If someone works hard and does an excellent job, they deserve to be praised and possibly rewarded. Never take credit when you delegate a task to an employee. If you give employees their proper dues, then they'll be much happier overall.


There will come a time when you as a leader will have to lead but at times practice empathy. You are not expected to be a mind reader but it’s important to know the potential signs if someone is having a hard time. This can be if their work starts to slip, you constantly notice while physically they are present at work, their minds may not be. Everyone has moments in their lives where they have struggles. Make sure that while you talk to those employees you try and remain empathetic to what is going on.

Focus on Communicating Honestly

Honest communication is a crucial facet of being a great leader. It would help if you were transparent with employees while keeping them in the loop. This makes it easier for everyone to stay on the same page. Always try to communicate honestly with your team, ask that they be honest with you about what's going on.

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